“The problem with abundance”

From Globetechnology: What do traffic jams, obesity and spam have in common? They are all problems caused by abundance in a world more attuned to scarcity. By achieving the goal of abundance, technology renders the natural checks and balances of scarcity obsolete…. {snip} Any technology which creates abundance poses problems for any process which existed […]

Muscle memory (or, “It’s just like riding a bike…”)

This is kind of a follow up to my last post. I played a round of golf today, a company sponsored event. I haven’t played golf in over two years, and never really played that much. Imagine my surprise when it came back to me pretty easily. Made me think of the saying, “It’s just […]

Knowledge management as the sub-conscious of an organization

Another article from Vol 40, No. 4 of the IBM Systems Journal, a special edition dedicated to Knowledge Management: Where did knowledge management come from? by Larry Prusak. As the title suggests, Prusak discusses the history of knowledge management as a field, and how it got to where it is today. As important, he discusses […]

Knowledge management and organizational learning – part 1

This is going to be a long running, multi-part stream of thought. Just a warning…. When I think of Organizational Learning, I can’t help but start to think of an organization as something, an entity, that can learn. It doesn’t have to be a conscious entity, think of ant colonies. But why not look at […]