Search, knowledge reuse, and productivity

In his March 29, 2004 Alertbox, Productivity in the Service Economy, Jakob Nielsen states: For intranets, we know that good design can double employee productivity. This estimate comes from our intranet usability testing, where people using the worst 25% of intranets required 99 hours per year to perform typical employee tasks, whereas people using the […]

Presenting information: Paper vs. Presentation

A few days back, I wrote about Organizational Entropy as described in Shannon Entropy and Productivity: Why Big Organizations Can Seem Stupid by Dr. Richard Janow. In addition to the actual paper, in .pdf format, was (what I assume is) a .pdf’d PowerPoint version of the paper presented at the IEEE Engineering Management Society meeting […]

Thoughts on e-mail and productivity

Been doing some thinking about e-mail lately, specifically how to use it in the most effective way in an organizational setting. In my research I came across The Tyranny of Email on Ole Eichorn’s Critical Section. Email is one of the greatest things the computer revolution has done for personal productivity. Used improperly, it can […]

Goiaba Knowledge Bridge: Knowledge Sharing: altruistic or egoistic

Goiaba Knowledge Bridge: Knowledge Sharing: altruistic or egoistic: How or why someone shares knowledge (altruistic, egoistic, or something in between) depends on the individual, but maybe we can use the findings of research into personality types to help predict this for different people or groups of people.