Changing resistance into understanding

In comments about her book They Just Don’t Get It! Changing resistance into understanding, author Leslie Yerkes of Catalyst Consulting Group wrote the following: I discovered five behaviors for turning resistance into understanding. The behaviors are like the ‘aikido’ of communication. It is so simple but these insights run counter to what has been taught […]

What does it mean to cure autism?

Like most postings on Pat Sullivan’s blog, Autism on Good Morning America really got me thinking. In this case, it was the last sentence that sent the wheels spinning (emphasis is Pat’s): Much like TREATING cancer, diabetes, etc., TREATING autism through ABA appears to be big business. CURING it however, yields little but vehement criticism. […]

Genius comes in many forms – A review of Some Kind of Genius

Recommendation: You should add this book to your must-read list. I’ve long been fascinated by genius. Or, more specifically, the process of genius and figuring things out. My book shelves are full of these kind of books, mostly about scientists, mathematicians, and the like. This past weekend I finished Some Kind of Genius, which chronicles […]

They just don’t get it: Authors sue Google over Google Print

If you’ve not heard of it, Google Print is scanning in the contents of books to make them searchable. That is a key phrase, “make them searchable.” Google Print does not make the whole book available, just a “snippet” of the text based on the search term. My first thought was, “Finally, now I can […]

Should “autistic” be designated as a minority group?

An interesting article from Amy Nelson, PressBooth – Autism Spectrum Conditions a Social Minority Group raises a very interesting concept for thought and discussion. I have to admit, I’m not quite sure what I think of it. Like all things surrounding autism, how an individual looks at this problem will depend a great deal on […]

A “new generation” of autism treatment

This description of the Relationship Development Intervention ® (RDI®) program was on a press release for an upcoming conference, Going to the Heart of Autism, in San Diego: The RDI program represents a new generation of autism treatment through which [Dr. Steve] Gutstein has worked to translate research findings into a systematic clinical approach to […]

Getting Things Done Outlook Add-in Version 2.1

If you are a user of the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-in, I recommend updating to Version 2.1, released on 25 August. Some of the features/bug fixes mentioned on the web site include: Attach multiple Emails to a single task Processing] Process a Post Item Add Next Action Button on Appointment/Task that will complete and […]

Getting the Truth Out – a perspective on autism

Kev points to Getting the Truth Out, a site that he says provides a “much more realistic look at autism” than the recently relaunched Autism Society of America website. Some thoughts on the site from Kev: In places, for us parents, its not an easy read. In other places it feels like we as parents […]