Autism Watch: Your Scientific Guide to Autism

Searching through the web I found Autism Watch: Your Scientific Guide to Autism, edited by Dr. James Laidler (MD). Though it hasn’t been updated since May 05, it has some interesting and informative links. For an idea of Dr. Laidler’s motivations, read My Involvement with Autism Quackery, which begins: Ever since I began the Herculean […]

Top-down vs. Bottom-up KM: Insights from the Katrina response

Watching, listening to, and reading about the response to Hurricane Katrina I have noticed that, in general, the “official” response of government has been almost universally denounced as slow and insufficient while the “un-official” responses of individuals and various organizations have been praised as rapid and, at times, heroic. Though there is still a lot […]

Dan Olmsted’s “Age of Autism” series

From Autism – A Parent’s Perspective is a set of links to the complete Dan Olmsted’s “Age of Autism” series. Nice to have all in one place. Update (09/07/2005): One angry mom (c) by Brett Miller 2005-2008 Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Experiences with Special Ed: The Ugly

As bad as the whole of the Kindergarten year was, one incident stands out. Julie came to me one night and told me that Zeke’s teacher had called to talk about his behavior, his acting out in class. What it came down to was she was asking for Julie’s permission to strap Zeke down in […]