Weird connections: Chelation and Mayonnaise

Putting away the groceries last night, I happened to glance at the ingredients label on a jar of mayonnaise as I was putting it into the refrigerator. One ingredient jumped out: calcium disodium EDTA (use to protect quality). Until a couple of weeks ago, this probably would have meant absolutely nothing to me. However, that […]


Clicking through links on the Autism Bloggers Ring (see the bottom of this page for the links), I found myself at Our Aspergers Teenage Boy. In a recent post, Mom reports: Tommy is getting smart-mouthy. This is normal teenager stuff that gets treated differently because of his Aspergers. He is also starting to fight doing […]

More intriguing insights on autism from Temple Grandin

When I first started researching autism on-line back around 1993, I remember a discussion between autistics and parents of newly diagnosed autistic children in which the autistic participants were complaining about being treated as if they were animals that merely needed to receive the proper training. (An ABA discussion, perhaps, I don’t really remember.) And […]

Early detection and intervention is key, and yet…

The article Some autistic kids’ parents dispute criticism of nontraditional treatments addresses familiar themes about the validity (or not) of ‘alternative’ treatments for autism such as chelation, special diets, hyperbaric chambers, etc. Nothing really new. But there were a couple of paragraphs in the story that caught my eye (emphasis mine): Joseph was born healthy […]

Is it the genes? The environment? Or both….

Watching Discovery Health this afternoon, I heard the following quote: Genetics loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger. The show was about teenage obesity. A teenage boy was unusually big for his family – neither his parents nor siblings had weight problems. His problems were attributed to some genetic influence somewhere on the family […]