Achievement carries no timetable

In No Pessimist Ever Discovered the Stars, Estee Klar-Wolfond takes a moment to discuss her journey so far with autism. I think many parents of autistic children will find familiarity in her experiences, especially in this little bit: Over time, in researching autism and running my son’s team as my full-time job, I stopped listening […]

Accomodation and tolerance are two-way streets

As we all know, there is a lot of talk about accomodation and tolerance of people’s differences. It seems to me, though, that most of the accomodation/tolerance being preached is one way: That person/culture is different, so you should be accepting of those differences and accomodate them. We all tend to look at things through […]

Finally, a description for ‘best practice’ I can live with

I’ve written before about my ambivalence toward “best practices,” at least how many people define them: one-size-fits-all checklists of things that worked for some successful team in the past that should be used by anyone that is doing anything remotely similar. In other words, tacit knowledge made explicit with no accounting for the context or […]

Planning for the future: Special needs trusts

I’ve written before about the need for parents to think about the future for their autistic children. (See, for example, Support and Services for Autistic Adults, Planning for the future: Reality check for parents…, and It’s never too early to start planning for adulthood.) The more I learn the more I realize I don’t know […]

Disabled? Or different?

I started a draft of this post several months ago, but just couldn’t quite get my thoughts together on exactly what I wanted to say. This morning I came across Is Asperger’s syndrome/High-Functioning Autism necessarily a disability?, presented by Simon Baron-Cohen in January 2000, which presents the case for viewing AS/HFA as a difference, not […]