Web usability and the search for the perfect blog template

In addition to exploring the nature of mastery itself, this blog is a way for me to continue my own pursuit of mastery in the technology and techniques of blogging (believe me, I’m still learning). When I decided to make the switch to WordPress, I realized that even though I had learned a lot about […]

Mastery at work – Trampoline and Tumbling

Over the past two weeks, USA Gymnastics held the Junior Olympics National Championships in Trampoline and Tumbling. Competition ranged from young beginners to experienced elite level athletes and everything in between, with corresponding levels of mastery displayed along the way. As the proud parent of a competitor – my younger son Ian – I’ve seen […]

Some initial thoughts on mastery

Before beginning a discussion on mastery, or any topic, it is useful to explain exactly what it is you want to talk about. Sometimes, this is much easier said than done. (Anyone with experience in the field of Knowledge Management knows exactly what I’m talking about.) It was the following definition of mastery from George […]

No Straight Lines (new and improved!!)

Welcome to my new blog, G. Brett Miller – No Straight Lines. At first glance, it may seem that this is simply a move (from Blogspot to my own domain) and redesign (from Blogger to WordPress) of my now defunct blog …no straight lines…. However, about the only thing I’ve really held over is the […]