“In My Language”: The video that caught CNN’s eye

The spark that caught CNN’s eye about Amanda Baggs (see my last post if you don’t know what I’m talking about) was her video “In My Language” posted on YouTube. While it is easy enough to just go to YouTube to watch it, I would like to share it here as well. tagged as: Autism, […]

Diagnosis: Autism – nothing new on 60 minutes

A quick follow up to 29 Marbles: Autism on 60 Minutes – 18 Feb 07 . My first thoughts after watching the 60 Minutes piece Diagnosis: Autism on Sunday night was, “Wow, this was a non-event.” Maybe it’s just me, and the fact that over the past year I’ve been soaking in just about every […]

Homogenized Education

Quite a while back I posed the (mostly) rhetorical question, “Why doesn’t every child have an IEP?” I was brought back to this train of thought recently by a passage in Roy Richard Grinker’s Unstrange Minds (emphasis is mine): To be sure, debate is brewing about whether some of the these higher-functioning children should be […]

Video games: Future of education or harmful obsession? (part 3 of 3)

Both Marc Prensky‘s Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m Learning! and Olivia and Kurt Bruner‘s Playstation Nation are aimed squarely at parents, and their recommendations to parents about how to handle video games are, not surprisingly, right in line with their personal opinions about video games. Among many other ideas for parents, Prensky recommends that parents […]

Video games: Future of education or harmful addiction? (part 2 of 3)

Video games, Marc Prensky argues, are a conduit for our children to learn in a way that just wasn’t available to previous generations. This comes in large part because the game developers understand what it means to engage the digital natives so that they want to play – and thus learn – more and more. […]