“It’s an odd life, but a good one”

Parents of the Autistic Weigh Lifelong Care Options on this morning’s Morning Edition on NPR discusses many of the things that I’ve discussed here before: the need for estate planning and trusts, thoughts on how your adult child will live, potential interactions with law enforcement. What struck me the most about the story, though, was […]

Event Notice: Autism 101 in St. Louis

Autism 101, a panel discussion about autism, will be at 7 p.m. April 18 at the Logos School, 9137 Old Bonhomme Road, Olivette. [Flyer (MS Word)] The panel will explore topics such as relationship development intervention, applied behavioral analysis, neurology and sensory and feeding issues associated with autism. Among speakers will be Dr. Garrett Burris […]

Autism awareness “elevator pitch”

In her recent post Autism Speaks Now, Kristina Chew contemplates the discrepancies between the types of autism research actually being conducted and the types of autism research that are covered in the media (my emphasis): [A] study by Stanford University researchers published in the February Nature Reviews Neuroscience notes, brain and behavior research on autism […]

Gaming and Students with Asperger’s Syndrome: A Literature Review

You may have noticed that I use SiteMeter on this site (look in the bottom of the right column if you’ve missed it). It is interesting to see how many people visit the site (not that many), and where they come from (all over the world), but what fascinates me the most is the referrer […]