Time out (please?)

One of the key questions I’m still not sure how to answer is: with all of these means of communications available with my friends, colleagues, and strangers that I’d like to get to know, what is the best way to actually communicate – E-mail? Facebook? Post a comment on their blog? Post to my blog about their blog? Update Twitter? As if that isn’t enough, a recent post by Jack Vinson – commenting on a post by Amy Gahran – now has me thinking of another issue raised by all this: How do I keep track of it all?

Was Einstein autistic? Does it matter?

When I started reading Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Albert Einstein, one of the first things I did was look in the index to see if autism or Asperger’s was listed. No on both counts. As I’ve read the book, I’ve found myself unconsciously evaluating the information presented through a diagnostic lens, trying to decide […]