Organizational forgetting

I finally realized one day that the problem has become not, “How do we remember all this knowledge that we’ve learned?” but rather, “How do we forget all this knowledge we’ve accumulated that we no longer need so we can focus on what we do need?”

Organizations, organisms, and intelligence (some thoughts)

Some thoughts inspired by  The Genius Within: Discovering the Intelligence of Every Living Thing by Frank Vertosick, Jr., and other sources. In the introduction to The Genius Within, Vertosick sets up the book with these comments: To survive, all living beings must respond to an incessant barrage of stimuli: good, bad, and neutral. Some stimuli […]

The four stages of competence (aka mastery)

From Andrew in a conversation on Facebook (which you may or may not be able to see, sorry). The four stages of competence that are often mentioned in my martial arts group: unconscious incompetence conscious incompetence conscious competence unconscious competence. Mastery is achieved when you reach the fourth stage, unconscious competence.

There is debate in the field about whether consciousness even has efficacy

Related to yesterday’s post: “There is debate in the field about whether consciousness even has efficacy,” This neuroscientist is figuring out how to harness the enormous potential of the unconscious mind We often react to a certain image or a certain word on a deeper level without having to engage the conscious parts of our […]

On knowledge and (organizations as) knowers

Been giving some thought to the concept of knowledge and knowing in the context of organizations and knowledge management. These two paragraphs come from separate trains of thought, but are related so I decided to post them here together. Definitely needs a bit more reflection and development. What do you think? The terms “tacit” and […]

In the loop (the boss’s version)

When the context of “keep me in the loop” is between manager and managed, things might be a little different. After all, the whole purpose of a staff is to make sure that a boss has the information, knowledge, and insight she needs without being burdened with having to figure it out for herself. In a world of information flow built […]