It’s a good time to be a Nintendo based virtual musician

It is a good time to be a virtual musician, especially if your platform of choice comes from Nintendo. This past weekend saw the release of versions of the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band game franchises for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii, respectively. Guitar Hero On Tour brings the guitar strumming fun […]

Genius comes in many forms – A review of “Some Kind of Genius”

I originally posted this review on my autism blog, 29 Marbles. While it is all too common for people to dismiss achievements of autistics as simply a ‘savant skill’ and not as true mastery, Tony’s story goes a long way to putting that perception to rest. Just another example of how autistics, and others with […]

Finally, a description for ‘best practice’ I can live with

I’ve written before about my ambivalence toward “best practices,” at least how many people define them: one-size-fits-all checklists of things that worked for some successful team in the past that should be used by anyone that is doing anything remotely similar. In other words, tacit knowledge made explicit with no accounting for the context or […]

Dave Pollard’s choice of 12 best business books of 2005

Dave Pollard’s list of The 12 Best Business Books of 2005 is worth taking a look at. I’ll definitely be checking at least some of them out. What really struck me about his review, though, was the summary at the end of the post (emphasis is mine): In general, it was another disappointing year for […]

Technology makes it easy to ‘remember,’ the trick is learning how to forget

My early days in Knowledge Management included a lot of time developing, deploying, and getting people to use “knowledge repositories.” (At least trying to get people to use them.) A worthwhile endeavor in some regards, I’ve always had misgivings about the whole idea, at least how it has been implemented in most cases. The cheapness […]