Weigh in now at OpposingViews.com – Are Autism and Vaccines Linked

Just a little while ago, I learned of (what is to me) an interesting website: OpposingViews.com. As the name suggests, it is a place for people to discuss their opposing views. A newly started debate entitled Are Autism and Vaccines Linked is up and running that I thought my readers would be interested in. I’m […]

Just a plain, ordinary, loving, proud parent

I started writing about autism, specifically about being an autism parent, just over three years ago. One of my goals was to provide information that would be useful for parents who have recently received a diagnosis of autism for their child. This post is my attempt to give you, as a parent of a newly […]

A meditation on censorship

The following meditation on censorship comes from 365 Tao (June 13). It’s been on my mind lately, and Kristina Chew’s recent post The R Word and Not So Nice Language has prompted me to share. Emperors uphold censorship, But extreme repression leads to extreme reaction. Individualists believe in freedom, But extreme expression leads to extreme […]

Some thoughts on advocacy

In our society today, autistic children and adults are publicly represented almost exclusively by non-autistic advocates; sometimes parents or other friends/family, sometimes medical professionals, sometimes others with their own particular reasons. There are, of course, an increasing number of autistic autism advocates, but they have a hard time gaining acceptance as “legitimate” advocates. In fact, […]