Every team needs a coach

We all take for granted the fact that professional sports teams have coaches (a whole bunch of them, as a matter of fact). Coaches help individuals perfect their own skills and, more importantly, help individuals work together as a team to achieve the common goals of the team. In many cases, this means that the needs and desires of individuals are secondary to achieving the goals, because if the team achieves it goals all members of the team will benefit. On the other hand, if the team fails, so do the individuals no matter their own individual achievements. (In other words, it doesn’t matter how good an individual football player is – if the team isn’t good that player will never get to the Super Bowl.)

The need for coaches isn’t limited to professional sports teams. Every professional team, which includes a wide range of organizations and groups, could benefit from a coach. Seems simple enough, but then comes the issue of figuring out who is the coach.

  • Who should be the coach?
  • Should it be someone from the team?
  • If so, it will probably be the team leader?
  • If not, should it be a consultant of some kind?
  • Or what?

When you look at coaches on sports teams, they are usually not a “member of the team”, IOW someone actively involved in “playing” the game. Of course, they are “playing”, just not on the field.

Look at the “team” you are on at work. Is everyone actively involved in “playing” the game that is your work? Is your team leader more of a team captain (kind of the quarterback) or is your team leader more of a coach (sitting on the sidelines and keeping you going in the right direction)?

Do you think a coach could help your team?

Author: gBRETTmiller

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