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From Ray Ozzie, creator of Lotus Notes and Groove, comes this article, with extra references, on the death of e-mail. Some key points:

Anyone who is doing a critical business process online that involves substantial dialog between individuals should NOT be using email at this point in history, and many no longer are.

Think about the rate of increase of “noise” in email over the past two years, which is a very short time. Think about where we’ll be in as short as five years. Can you imagine?

If you have work to do with others, online, try workspaces. There are many different types – from Groove if you like client-based mobility, to SharePoint if you like using Websites.

Ozzie definitely has a vested interest in everyone using Groove, but as you can see from the last quote he also believes in other solutions: whatever works for you.

The thought that hit me the most was the comments about noise in e-mail. The problem today isn’t too much information, as many complain. Rather, the problem is too much noise.

Author: gBRETTmiller

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