Knowledge Jolt with Jack: Ah, to be back in school

Knowledge Jolt with Jack: Ah, to be back in school

As a comment to the course syllabus for a course on Knowledge Management Systems at the University of Texas School of Information, Jack states:

I love that the course includes at least three weeks about how these ideas relate to the individual (email, PIM and PKM) before expanding the idea to enterprise knowledge management. It parallels my thinking that these are tightly connected — or that they are simply on the same continuum.

I tend to agree with him that it all falls along the same continuum, that you can’t separate out the individuals, or individual parts, from the whole. This, then, begs the question of what makes up the continuum, and what are the component parts?

Several years ago, I jotted down some thoughts on what the high-level parts of the information and knowledge environment in any organization are. I came up with the following 4:

  • Personal / Individual

  • Group / Team

  • Organizational

  • External Interaction

I’ll expand on these in future posts….

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