Blogs as Organizational Tool

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog is a bit of stream of consciousness, a bit of pre-planned thought, and a lot of wandering around. I truly use it as a personal wastebook (wasteblog?) and you will likely see many topics come round and round. I am also in the process, though, of putting together a plan for using blogs as a means of content management (loaded term, I know) and info/knowledge sharing for organizations.

Looking for some ideas on how to use blogs as an organizational tool, I came across several good ideas, such as Blogs in Business: The Weblog as Filing Cabinet from Dave Pollard’s how to save the world. Especially useful, and a good jumping off point for getting more good ideas, is More Corporate Blogging Resources from Amy Gahran’s …Contentious.

In addition to the increasingly common corporate uses for blogs (internal sharing, face to the public, etc.), I’m looking at using blogs as a key part of a web site for a K-12 school for everything from school announcements to PTO shared blogs. Any ideas or examples are welcome.

Author: gBRETTmiller

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