Thoughts on e-mail and productivity

Been doing some thinking about e-mail lately, specifically how to use it in the most effective way in an organizational setting. In my research I came across The Tyranny of Email on Ole Eichorn’s Critical Section.

Email is one of the greatest things the computer revolution has done for personal productivity. Used improperly, it can also hurt your productivity. This article discusses ways to use email effectively. Then it goes beyond that and talks about how to be productive, period.

In this post, and a followup appropriately titled Tyranny Revisited, Ole describes what I would call the “ideal” of how to use e-mail to be productive in the overall context of being productive, period.

Of course, the challenge is getting your organization to encourage, and the others you work with to adopt, these ideas and procedures for e-mail.

All in all, this is what I would call a must read. There are also numerous other links to responses and discussions based on the original post, with a lot of good ideas as well.

Author: gBRETTmiller

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