Autism Speaks

There are many good organizations out there devoted to autism, some focusing on a cure, others focusing on resources for individuals with autism and their families. One of the newer ones is Autism Speaks, launched on February 25 to coincide with a piece on a Today Show segment (Windows Media Video file) on NBC that same day.

The organization was founded by Bob Wright (vice chairman of GE and chairman and CEO of NBC Universal) and his wife Suzanne. Here’s a clip from Bob’s welcome message on the site:

The autism community is active, highly motivated, and full of dedicated people involved in a number of effective advocacy organizations. Do we really need a new national fundraising effort?

If my family’s experience is typical, then I think we do. Last March, our then-2 ½-year-old grandson was diagnosed with autism. We responded by immersing ourselves in the literature, consulting with experts, and gathering as much information as we could. What we discovered was discouraging. We had so many questions. And instead of answers, we found a bewildering array of theories and guesses.

The site is filled with good information and resources, including links to all the programs produced by NBC networks (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo) and aired during the week of February 21 under the title, Autism, the hidden epidemic. You can also get a free DVD that has all of the various segments.


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