Looking for some Pokemon stuff

Indulging a certain passion (though not this one), I’m looking for a couple of hard to find Pokemon items. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  1. A copy of the US version of Pokemon Box for Nintendo Game Cube
    • Pokemon Box is no longer available (at least as far as I could see) at the Pokemon Center.
    • There are non-US versions of Box on e-Bay and other sites, but I’ve not seen a US version
    • The guys at the local game shop had never heard of Pokemon Box.
  2. A copy of the Pokemon Colosseum Promo Disk (again for Nintendo Game Cube)
    • This is available on e-Bay and other sites, but for quite a bit more than I’d like to fork out.
    • I asked at the local game shop, figuring their prices might be a bit better than on e-Bay, but they don’t deal in Promo Disks (though they said they’d keep an eye out).

The purpose of this request, if you’re not familiar with the world of Pokemon, is the elusive goal of “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

If would like to respond to this request (either part), please drop a note in the comments or feel free to drop me an e-mail at nsl@gbrettmiller.com.

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