Working Out Loud – a book, a movement, a way of life

I first came across the idea of making work visible in Jim McGee‘s 2002 blog post Knowledge work as craft work, and the idea of “working out loud” in Bryce Williams‘ blog post When will we Work Out Loud? Soon! I have used both as guides not only in how I get my own work done but in helping others understand how to get the most out of Enterprise Social Networks.

Author John Stepper developed these ideas further in his 2014 blog post, The 5 elements of working out loud, and even further in his recent book, Working Out Loud: For a better career and life.  I have a feeling this book will join those other posts as guides to how I get work done. 

I encourage you to read the book, and to keep up with John over at his website. If you’re not convinced by this brief testimonial, check out John’s recent talk at TEDx Navesink.



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