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Caught the tail end of a story on…

Caught the tail end of a story on NPR about naming the newly discovered Planet 9 where someone stated, “The naming of something as important as a planet should be done by society as a whole, not a couple of guys in California drinking coffee.” My first thought was, as long as it has the name of a Roman god who really cares. But then I thought, “Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.”

Pound of Obscure

Only now are we starting to get to a point where computing resources aren’t holding interfaces back anymore. With today’s devices, everything can be animated—and increasingly everything is. The problem is that the design process hasn’t caught up to this change in technology. For the most part, interfaces are still conceived as separate, static screens and then linked together with relatively crude animations.

Motion with Meaning – Semantic Animation in Interface Design

Only now are we starting to get to…