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I just finished reading Superposition by David Walton…

I just finished reading Superposition by David Walton. From the structure of the book, with chapters alternating points of view from one version of the protagonist to another, to the ultimate reason that evil (?) is unleashed upon the world, Superposition keeps you thinking and guessing what is coming next. Like any story, there comes a point where you are pretty sure you know what is going to ultimately happen; David Walton does a very good job of putting this point as near to the end of the book as possible. A bit of violence, a lot of discussion about quantum entanglement and the nature of consciousness and free will. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, Supersymmetry.

Consider this question
Look deep inside
Deliver a true confession
What are you willing to live for?

Consider this question
Open your eyes
Examine your own reflection
What are you willing to die for?

When your backs’ against the wall
And the times uncertain
Consider this question
No standing by
When flesh and blood are threatened
What are you willing to kill for?

Illumination Theory, Dream Theater