Military Wiki: Standard Profile, Article Rating and Gamification – BlueSpice Blog

In his talk at the Enterprise MediaWiki Conference 2016 in New York Jason Bock informed about some social aspects they built into the system also implemented by the functions of Semantic Mediawiki. […] Source: Military Wiki: Standard Profile, Article Rating and Gamification – BlueSpice Blog

Videos (links to) – my talks at EMWCon 2016

I presented the following at Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) 2016 on 25 – 26 May. This talk, along with all of the other talks from the conference, are available on Livestream courtesy of the Internet Society. Note: Unfortunately I am unable to embed the videos here, I can’t find a WordPress shortcode for Livestream videos and am […]

EMWCon 2016 – some notes (create camp)

Spent some time this morning discussing various ideas for projects to work on. Including: HTML2Wiki Semantic Form Themes Mermaid Make site faster Extension certification AD / Vagrant roles BPM Setup for an extension cert service Extension manager Extension interdependency management Extension screenshots and working links to examples on Reification / provenance in SMW Semantic […]

EMWCon 2016 – some notes (day 2)

Live-blogging (kind of) again, day 2. Also, livestream. Notifications in MediaWiki Yaron discussing the current status of notification (poor), and what would make an ideal notification system for MediaWiki. Page creation, edit, etc in different sets of pages, such as all pages, pages in namespace, etc, and certain people notified, e.g. users in a user […]

EMWCon 2016 – some notes (day 1)

A live blog (of sorts) for Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) 2016. The conference is also being livestreamed. Panel – Towards a MediaWiki Foundation Cindy Cicalese, Anja Ebersbach, Mark Hershberger, Chris Koerner, Yaron Koren Panel discussion to address some of the challenges around the development, maintenance, and use of MediaWiki and related software (extensions). Not a […]